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A Message from Our CEO

It has always been my hope that the culture of our organization would be one that is committed to giving back and I am proud to know that our employees have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to making that vision a reality. This dedication became especially apparent over the last year with more than 16,400 volunteer hours logged by employees and a record increase in the number of employee volunteers.

At Bridgepoint Education, we have an enduring commitment to our focus areas of education, youth and the military, and we are actively working with non-profits whose missions align with these key areas. In 2013, we taught more than 1,300 students through Junior Achievement, helped improve housing for injured veterans and supported youth mentor programs at several different organizations.

As represented by Bridgepoint Education’s core values of Ethics, Accountability, Engagement and Service, we are unwavering in our commitment to create a lasting impact within the communities we serve. I am inspired with the progress we have made so far and I look forward to the service initiatives that are to come.


Andrew Clark, CEO
Bridgepoint Education

A message from Andrew Clark Bridgepoint Education CEO

Hear from Andrew Clark on Bridgepoint Education's commitment to the communities they serve.

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