Volunteer Spotlight

Allie Danel, College Advisor

Nonprofit: Center for Community Solutions

Helping survivors is her goal, and that’s exactly what Allie has been doing for almost two years as a volunteer for the Center for Community Solutions (CCS). At the CCS, Allie’s primary responsibilities are to work at the emergency shelter, answer calls on the 24 Hour Rape Crisis Hotline, and work with the Sexual Assault Response Team. In these positions, Allie is helping survivors to get back on their feet, and working with them in the hospital if they choose to have a forensic exam and need advice or resources.

Allie likes the feeling that volunteering gives her, but has another reason for volunteering as well: “I really just want to be there to help these people because I know if anyone I love was ever in a situation like theirs, I would hope someone would be there to care about them and guide them too”. Providing care and guidance are a regular part of Allison’s volunteer work—she shares that providing resources and emotional support are some of the main responsibilities at the emergency shelter. However, she finds that these skills have also helped her professional work as well, saying that it has helped her with “being more empathetic at work with my students.” Allie wants others to know that volunteer work is a great way to meet new people and open your mind, as well as to make a difference.

To learn how you could get involved with the CCS, please visit http://www.ccssd.org/get-involved/volunteer/.