Volunteer Spotlight

Armando Dominguez, Employee & Business Liaison

Nonprofit: ElderHelp

A drive to help others is what inspired Armando Dominguez to start driving to make a difference—literally. Since 2005, Armando has been volunteering for an organization called ElderHelp, which provides services that allow the elderly to live independently in their own homes. Some of the services they provide include driving seniors to appointments, helping with minor home repairs, and simply providing company. Armando is a friendly shopper, which means he assists with grocery shopping. For two years he has worked with Corey, who he says “is such an inspiration to me and is like a second Mom”.

Armando has been able to view volunteer work from multiple angles. He volunteers for both ElderHelp and Jus Sayin—a nonprofit that helps feed the homeless—and also has a professional background in Community Relations. Armando has also been active in United Way campaigns. During his time in Community Relations, Armando was able to work with various nonprofits and saw what a big impact volunteer work has on the community. However, Armando believes that volunteer work helps the volunteer as well, saying “It makes you grateful for what you have… Puts it all in perspective and touches many parts of your life”.

More information about ElderHelp and how you can get involved can be found at http://www.elderhelpofsandiego.org/get-involved/.