Volunteer Spotlight

Beatriz Vela, Enrollment Services Advisor

Nonprofit: Promises2Kids

When Beatriz started working at Ashford, it wasn’t just the start of a new job—it was a newfound interest in volunteering and working with children. Beatriz says she was immediately appreciative of Ashford’s community service efforts, and that was how she became introduced to the nonprofit where she has spent most of her time: Promises2Kids. Eight years later, Beatriz is still involved with the organization which focuses on work with foster youth and helping them achieve higher education.

As a volunteer, Beatriz helps out with a variety of activities, including going on shopping sprees with the foster youth and helping them navigate college and financial aid applications. She is also a volunteer for their Camp Connect program, where she helps reunite siblings living in different homes so they can take part in activities together. What keeps her volunteering? Beatriz says: “Volunteering has made my life more fulfilled and content. Knowing I can help someone by donating my time has become a must for me in order to maintain a certain level of happiness and at the same time it makes me more grateful for everything that I have.”

Interested in learning more about Promises2Kids? Check out http://promises2kids.org/ for more information, or to find out how you can get involved.