Volunteer Spotlight

Dr. Maureen Lienau, Program Chair

Nonprofit: Mile High United Way Power Lunch

Volunteering has been a lifelong commitment for Dr. Maureen Lienau. She has volunteered for numerous nonprofits since her teenage years, and when asked what inspired this interest, says “It’s what my family does…we have always focused on ways to give back to our communities.” Although she has been involved with a number of organizations—including the Maxfund Animal Shelter and the Sierra Club—she says that her work with the Mile High United Way Power Lunch is “the most special project.”

As a volunteer for the Mile High United Way Power Lunch, Maureen spends her time reading to third graders in various Denver area elementary schools. Maureen says she has been able to apply the skills and strategies she’s learned while volunteering to her career, and that the most rewarding aspect of volunteering is “seeing the look of happiness on children’s and adult’s faces when a job has been well done.” Another one of her favorite things about volunteering is that she’s been able to make lifelong friends who share similar interests in volunteerism.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mile High United Way and how they give back to the Denver community, please visit http://www.unitedwaydenver.org/.